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U9 Sussex Festival 15th March 2015

Shorehma U9Shoreham’s under 9’s put in their best performance of the year at the West Sussex festival.

They we’re run away winners of their pool group beating Horsham 4 – 2, Haywards Heath 8 – 3,

Guernsey 6 – 2 and local rivals Hove 5 – 2.

This meant a wait in the cold wind for all the other teams to play their runners up games before

they could contest the final against a second Horsham side.

Saving their best rugby of the day till this last game they started strongly against one of the strongest sides in Sussex.

With the score 2 – 2 at half time Shoreham’s vocal travelling support could scent a fifth victory.

The second half was a war of attrition with territory not readily conceded. Players from both sides suffered knocks as last ditched tackles flew in. It was with a mighty effort and some neat handling that Horsham scored a breakaway try and ,as Shoreham pressed ever harder in the last minute, a fourth try. Horsham the eventual winners by 4 – 2.

Shoreham’ s tournament was a whole team performance with every player contributing handsomely in attack and defence. A special mention, though, must be made of Thomas Molee and Reuban Edmundson who between them scored an impressive 19 try’s.


U9 Haywards Heath Festival 15th Feb 2015

Shoreham U9s had a festival at Haywards Heath against some of the bigger and stronger sides in the county.

Despite some strong defence and excellent tackling the boys didn’t manage to get bon top in four of their five matches.

They did end the day with a good win against Burgess Hill and was a good learning opportunity for the young side

U9 v Horsham/Pulborough 11th Jan 2015

Shoreham Under 9’s learned a great deal from their visit to Horsham.

Split into two equally balanced teams Shoreham played a total of 7 games against their hosts, Horsham and the other visiting side Pulborough. In all Shoreham’s two teams won 3 lost 3 and drew one.

Although their losses, all against a very strong Horsham squad were small ( 3-1, 3-2 and 4-3) the under 9’s can take much credit from their individual performances.

SHoreham U9 HorshamShoreham’s coaches were given the opportunity to see their side really tested for only the second time this season and with work on playing more as a team and less as individuals are confident that Shoreham can compete with the counties very best sides.

U9 v Midhurst 14th December 2014

Shoreham’s under 9’s continued where they left off last week.

Before playing Midhurst they were treated to novel and imaginative training exercises led by the host coaches. With the focus on tackling techniques and positioning both sides looked sharp and focused leading into their game.

Shoreham started brightly pressing the home side back with some very determined defence before breaking free to score three great tries. The home side responded well toward the end of the first half with two tries of their own.

Shoreham started the second half with renewed vigour using their earlier tackling practice to good effect quashing Midhurst attacks before mounting their own. The longer the game went on the more Shoreham dominated running with some excellent individual tries as well as scores that involved the work of the whole team.

The final score of 9-4 was a just reflection of the concentration and determination that Shoreham showed throughout.

U9 v Heathfield 7th December 2014


Shoreham’s under 9’s relished the chance to entertain a strong Heathfield side.
After a very enjoyable joint training session the two sides separated to contest a fantastic match.
To great acclaim from both sets of supporters Heathfield and Shoreham traded image[1]tries throughout the first half,

Shoreham taking a narrow 4-3 lead.



The second half saw Shoreham really hit there straps turning over the ball countless times, displaying some truly tenacious tackling and running in some memorable tries.

Shoreham deserved there 8-5 victory and look forward to taking this form on to Midhurst Rugby club next week.

U9’s Hastings Festival 12th October 2014

IMG_6145Shoreham’s under 9 side continued with their promising start to the season finishing runners up in there section.


Matched against some of Sussex’s strongest sides they were more than a IMG_6087match for most only being pipped for top spot by a committed Haywards Heath team.




Victories in their group against Hastings, Heathfield and East Grinstead gave them confidence that was only slightly dented by their first loss of the season.


Although this was very much a whole team performance and they all should be very proud of themselves a special mention should be made of the strong running IMG_6094of Thomas Molee, Thomas Kentell and Harry Cracknell and the fantastic tackling from Jake Bolton and Luke Hartshorn.IMG_6102

U9 Uckfield Festival 27th April 2014

Today’s team consisted of: Ashley Calvert, Luke Gray, Jake Gale, Travis Tilling, James Masters, Charlie Kembrey, Ollie Bushby, Toby Murphy and Jack Salter. We were in a pool with Uckfield, Crowborough, Hastings and Eastbourne.

Shoreham 2 : Uckfield 6

Shoreham 8 : Crowborough 5

Shoreham 3 : Hastings 5

Shoreham 2 : Eastbourne 8

All four of these matches were very physical, tough and hard fought with a few interesting tactics thrown in for good measure by the opposition. You did very well though and put in some brilliant tackles and played well as a team.

Jake put in some of the best tap tackles I’ve seen for a long time, Charlie barged his way through to score a lovely try, James, Travis, Toby and Luke made some well timed runs to score too. Ashley, Ollie and Jack put in some great tackles and tried hard too.

U9 Sussex Festival 16th March 2014

ifbggefbWe were in Pool One, with teams from Eastbourne, Guernsey, East Grinstead and Heathfield & Waldron.  Our team consisted of:  Ashley Calvert, Toby Murphy, Luke Gray, Jake Gale, Etienne Freschard-Penny, James Masters, Ollie Bushby, Charlie Kembrey and Jack Salter.


Shoreham  Vs  East Grinstead

Captained by Toby, we got off to a strong start with some great tackling and support play resulting in two quick tries from Luke.  East Grinstead stepped up a gear and scored four in quick succession.

The second half was a much more even affair with both sides playing well.  Luke managed to break through to score twice more.  Final Score:  Shoreham  4  :  East Grinstead  6edhichdf




Shoreham  Vs  Eastbourne

Captained by Luke, Shoreham got off to a slow start with Eastbourne taking an early lead.  Jake managed to pull one back before Eastbourne took charge of the match.  James scored on the stroke of full time.  Final Score:  Shoreham  2  :  Eastbourne  6


Shoreham U9 - East Sussex 1Shoreham  Vs  Guernsey

Captained by Ashley this was a great match.  We had tries coming from Etienne, Charlie and Ashley.  It was closely fought but saw us narrowly loosing.   Final Score:  Shoreham  3  :  Guernsey  5


Shoreham  Vs  Heathfield

Captained by Etienne we fought hard but were simply out played.  Final Score:  Shoreham  0  :  Heathfield  4

Play off

Shoreham  Vs  CrowboroughShoreham U9 - East Sussex 2

This was the fifth place play off and we played the team who finished fifth in Pool Two.  Captained by Jake, this was one of the hardest fought matches we have ever played.  The opposition’s tactics were quite unsporting at times and you showed real guts and determination to rise above it.  You defended brilliantly and played as a real team.  Tries coming from Ashley and Luke.  Final Score:  Shoreham  2  :  Crowborough  1

U9 v Burgess Hill & Heathfield 9th March 2014

What a lovely day for a game of rugby.  The pitch was a little soggy in places which made it a little heavy going at times, but what a beautiful day.

Today’s team consisted of:  Jack Salter, Jake Gale, Ashley Calvert, Luke Gray, Etienne Freschard-Penny, James Masters, Toby Murphy and Charlie Kembery.

Shoreham  Vs  Heathfield One

Even though I didn’t see this match, Jo (Jack’s mum) did, she was really impressed with how well you all played.  We had James scoring one try and Etienne, Jake & Luke all scoring two tries.  Your team work was excellent, your tackling was outstanding and you were well spread out across the pitch – making you unstoppable.  Final Score:  Shoreham  7  :  Heathfield One  3

Shoreham  Vs  Heathfield Two

This was an interesting match.  You got off to a slow start and by half time were 4 : nil down.  You came out fighting in the second half and there were periods of great team work with some fantastic tackles being made.  Tries coming from Jake and a hat-trick from Luke.  Final Score:   Shoreham  4  :  Heathfield Two  7

Shoreham  Vs  Burgess Hill

This was a much more evenly paced game with tries coming from Etienne, Ashley, Luke and Jake.  Final Score:  Shoreham  4  :  Burgess Hill  4

U9 v Crawley 2nd March 2014

DSC_0046We received a warm welcome from Crawley and were greeted by some very soggy pitches.  The morning started with some training drills before the matches began.  Crawley had enough players to form two teams.

Crawley 1  Vs  Shoreham

This match saw a confident start from Shoreham with tries coming from Luke and Jake before Crawley broke through our defence to score a try.  We then seemed to step up a gear and took control of the match.  Luke and Jake were able to score again before James made a fantastic run scoring on the stroke of half time.  The second half continued at the same pace and there was some great play from Ollie, Toby, Etienne and Ashley who all put in some brilliant try stopping tackles enabling both Luke and Jake to score again.  Final Score:  Crawley  1  :  Shoreham  7

Crawley 2  Vs  ShorehamDSC_0003

This match again was played at a furious pace, despite the very soggy pitch, we took an early lead with a superb try from Toby.  We dominated the first half completely with tries coming from Luke and 2 from Jake.  The second half was a little more even with Crawley scoring two nice tries but Shoreham just overpowered Crawley completely with tries coming from Luke and Jake.  Final Score:  Crawley  2  :  Shoreham  6


Today’s Team consisted of:  Luke Gray,  Toby Murphy, Ashley Calvert, Etienne Freschard-Penny, Travis Tilling, Ollie Bushby, Jake Gale and James Masters.


Given this was your first real competitive session this year, you were all brilliant.  Great team work, great tackling from Toby, Ollie, Etienne, James and Ashley, nice quick passes getting the ball to Jake and Luke for some superb finishing.  You all have your strengths and when put together you make a great team.  Keep up the good work.DSC_0071