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U7 Sussex Festival 15th March 2015

It was a cold overcast morning for the Sussex Mini’s Under 7’s tournament at Haywards Heath RFC but still Shoreham had a exceptional turnout of players. Even with cold fingers and toes fun was had by all in a very well run festival.

Players:  Aaron, Alfie, Harry, Jack, Lexus, Noah, Ralph, Richard & William.

Haywards Heath (1)  10. v Shoreham 4.

Shoreham got off to a flying start however Haywards Heath hit back hard and fast to overpower them with impressive interceptions and turnovers. Try’s from Harry, Richard & Ralph (2).

Hove (1) 9. v Shoreham 6.

The second match started with fast movement and passing setting up Jack for many a dash for the try line, the score stayed level toing & froing until a few cold fingers could not get a tight grasp on Hove’s tags, a closely fought match. Try’s from Jack (6)

Horsham (1) 9. v Shoreham 8.

Great passing and catching, the hands now warm, hardly a ball was dropped but alas Horsham just pipped the win with the final play in the game. Try’s from Richard, William, Noah, Alfie & Jack (4)

Crawley (1) 5. v Shoreham 6

A match that was all about defence for both teams, neither wanted to give anything away, however Shoreham threw in some magnificent tags and passing to edge their first win of the day. Try’s from Richard, Jack, Harry & William (3)

Crawley (1) 8 v Shoreham 12

Through to the playoff for 5th spot Shoreham faced Crawley (1) for a rematch of the hard fought win. Shoreham stepped to the field and switched the previous defensive tactic to attack. They ducked and dodged around the pitch dancing down the touch line for a convincing victory. Try’s from Aaron, William, Alfie, Lexus (2), Jack (3) & Ralph (4)

U7’s Hastings Festival 12th October 2014

Shoreham U7 - 1The first under 7s match of the season kicked off at Hastings & Bexhill RFC mini festival. The weather although overcast stayed dry amongst a week of rain and thunderstorms. the pitch remaining in good condition.



The Team
Alfie Lewis
Harry Byford-Bates
Jack Cracknell
Lexus Tilling
Oliver Pattenden
Richard Neville
Sam Hendry
Zacharias Fragakis

Match 1
Hastings & Bexhill 8 – Shoreham 4

Shoreham put up a valiant effort in their first match but were overpowered by Hastings with the home advantage.
Captain: Harry
Scorers: Alfie 1, Lexus 1, Oliver 2DSC_0042

Match 2
Eastbourne 1st 7 – Shoreham 5

A closely played match with excellent tagging from both teams. Victory was narrowly snatched from our grasps.
Captain: Oliver
Scorers: Lexus 3, Oliver 1, Sam 1

Shoreham U7 - 2Match 3
Haywards Heath 1st 7 – Shoreham 3

Shoreham got off to a flying start taking the lead early on but Haywards Heath wasted no time in closing their defensive holes edging their way to a convincing win.
Captain: Lexus

Scorers: Jack 1,  Lexus 1, Oliver 1

Match 4
Uckfield 1st 8 – Shoreham 6DSC_0461

Off the back of three defeats everyone on the Shoreham team was in high spirits and enthusiastically took to the field for the final match. Shoreham immediately took the initiative and scored a try within seconds of the kick off. Nothing could split the two teams from this point with tries being scored tit for tat. The consistency of excellent tagging & passing from Zacharias helped spur Shoreham on but alas Uckfield just took the lead on the last few plays.
Captain: Richard
Scorers: Harry 1, Jack 1, Lexus 1, Oliver 2, Richard 1


With Shoreham improving with every match we all hold our heads high. We will all take the fun had & experience gained from this well organised and enjoyable event to build for the future.

U7 Uckfield Festival 27th April 2014

GroupA very well run festival which ran to time in perfect Rugby weather conditions. A strong showing from Shoreham with 2 teams of 5 players.

The festival was noted for time keeping aided by each group team playing on the same pitch and a marshal posted at each of the pitches throughout the day – a big thanks to Uckfield.





Team 1U7s5

Coach – Gareth
Charlotte Gray
Finn McDonald
Henry Horton
Rory Slack

Match Scores

Shoreham 7 Vs Crawley 4

Shoreham dominated the first half with excellent team play and passing. Crawley came back in the 2nd half thankfully held off with strong defending from Charlotte and Lexus. Tries from Rory (3) and Henry (4).

Hastings 7 Vs Shoreham 11

Strong tries from Rory, Charlotte & Henry in the 2nd half

Uckfield 1 Vs Shoreham 9

The score says U7s3it all. Fast and furious play from all with notable passing from Finn, tagging from Lexus and strong support from Charlotte. Rory and Henry were unstoppable with the 9 tries between them.

Lewes 6 Vs Shoreham 4

We were stopped in the last match from progressing to the finals. It was a were close match with tries from Rory (3) and Henry (1)

Team TwoTeam2-2

Coach – Dan Edmonds
Charles Lockyer
Gaius Goodwin
Jamie Johnson
Regan Davis
Rufus Edmonds

Match Scores

Shoreham 7 Vs Crowborough 9

What an opener. High spirited game, fast paced, excellent passing end to end action. Tries from Regan (2), Jamie (2), Rufus (3).


Uckfield 9 Vs Shoreham 7

High energy game, end to end action. Shoreham tries were shared between Jamie (2), Rufus (3), Gaius (2). Notable defending from Jamie.

Hastings 8 Vs Shoreham 10Team2-5

Brilliant start with Jamie scoring 2 tries. Very close match. Excellent tagging from Charles. Jamie and Rufus led the try scoring with 4 each followed by Regan (1) and a magnificent try from Gaius whom bundled through the entire Hasting team to finish off this match.

Eastbourne 8 Vs Shoreham 9

An excellent finish to the group play with a very close match against Eastbourne. It was great to end the group showing as much drive, skill and determination as we started.


U7 Bognor Festival 12th April 2014

DSC_1409The Under 7’s had an amazing day at Bognor Festival, winning their age group with 7 wins and 1 draw.

All the players tagged brilliantly and played really well as a team.

The players were Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Charlotte Gray, Rufus Edmonds, Rory slack, Jamie Johnson, Regan Davis, Jack Brown and Charles Lockyer – who scored his first try at a festival.


U7 Sussex Festival 16th March 2014

IMG_1587The Shoreham team consisted of two groups

Group One – Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis and Sebastien Freschard-Penny

Group Two – Gaius Goodwin, Jamie Johnson, Jack Brown, Rory Slack, Charles Lockyer, and Finn McdonaldIMG_1588





Group One: Brighton 8 : Shoreham 8

Group Two: Brighton 8 : Shoreham 8

Both groups got off to a superb start and held the fierce competition from Brighton until the whistle was blown. In Group One; Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Regan Davis, Henry Horton and Sebastien Freschard-Penny scooped 8 tries between them. In Group Two; Rory Slack, Finn McDonald, Jamie Johnson and Gaius Goodwin achieved 8 tries.


IMG_1589Group One: Heathfield & Waldron 10 : Shoreham 10

Group Two: Lewes 8 : Shoreham 6

In Group One Shoreham held their ground against Heathfiled for the duration of the game. Henry Horton, Rufus Edmonds, Regan Davis, Sebastien Freschard-Penny and Thomas Tiltman-Kent delivered 10 tries between them. In the second group Lewes were slightly stronger and achieved 8 tries to 6, notable tries from Finn Mcdonald and Rory Slack.


Group One: East Grinstead 7 : Shoreham 9

Group Two: East Grinstead 6 : Shoreham 5

In Group One, the game against East Grinstead was a fast paced with superb tries from Charlotte Gray, Henry Horton, Thomas Tiltman-Kent and Regan Davis. In Group Two Rory Slack, Jack Brown and Charles Lockyer delivered 5 tries between them


Group One: Crowborough 9: Shoreham 6IMG_1600

Group Two: Burgess Hill 7 : Shoreham 7


Group One: Uckbridge 5 : Shoreham 11

Group Two: Lewes 9 : Shoreham 7

Not quite sure how is ended but it was a great day and I suspect we were 4th and 5th but the confirmation was not received.

U7 v Bognor 1st December 2013

DSC_0602The Shoreham team consisted of Ollie Pattenden, Gaius Goodwin, Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Jamie Johnson, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis, Jack Brown, Sebastien Freschard-Penny and Rory Slack.

Bognor Regis 12 : Shoreham 14DSC_0625
Shoreham gave a strong performance in the first half with Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Jamie Johnson and Regan Davis scoring 7 tries between them. Bognor continued to hold their position in the second half but Shoreham returned with Sebastien Freschard-Penny, Jamie Johnson and Thomas Tiltman-Kent with a further 7 tries before the whistle was blown and winning score of 14 to Shoreham

Bognor Regis 7 : Shoreham 12
DSC_0587Another captivating game with Shoreham providing a number of clear runs from Henry Horton and Rufus Edmonds in the first half. Ollie Pattenden, Roroy Slack and Gauis Goodman maintained our approach to consistent attacking by delivering a further 6 tries to conclude the match with a clear win against Bognor Regis.

U7 Crowborough Festival 3rd November 2013

Shoreham U7 - teamTunbridge Wells 7 : Shoreham 11
The first match of the festival kicked off with Henry Horton achieving 4 tries within a matter of minutes, further scores from Charlotte Gray and Thomas Kent concluded the first half. The second half saw a change in team with Rufus Edmonds and Regan Davis picking up 5 tries between them.

Hastings and Bexhill 5 : Shoreham 9
The first half saw challenges from Hasting and Bexhill, it wasn’t long before Shoreham made advances with Rufus Edmonds storming the pitch with 4 tries before half time. The second half continues with Henry Horton, Gaius Goodwin and Thomas Kent a further 5 tries before the whistle was blown.

Worthing 7: Shoreham 10Shoreham U7 - Henry Horton
3 early tries by Henry Horton set the scene for the first half, Charlotte Gray and Thomas Kent supported by adding a further 2 tries to the score by half time. The second half saw Worthing retaliate with 3 tries in succession, Shoreham held their position and achieved a further 5 tries from Regan Davis, Jamie Johnson, Regan Davis and Jack Brown

Hellingly 7 : Shoreham 9
Charlotte charged down the pitch to secure the first try. Henry returned with a further hatrick to finish the first half with 5 tries. The second half was harder but Shoreham held their position with 4 superb tries from Jamie Johnson and Rufus Edmonds.

Crowborough 4 : Shoreham 7
The final game of the festival for the U7 group. The match was a electric finish to fantastic team effort demonstrated in each and every game. Henry Horton, Thomas Kent and Charlotte Grey achieved 4 tries in the first half with Crowborough following closely behind us. The second half enabled Rufus Edmonds and Regan Davis to seal the 1st place in our age group with 3 tries between them.


Following on from their first place win at the Hasting festival Shoreham continue with their success by achieving their second 1st place trophy at Crowborough festival. The Shoreham team consisted of Gaius Goodwin, Charlotte Gray, Thomas Kent, Jamie Johnson, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis and Jack Brown.