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U12 v Horsham and Brighton 15th Feb 2015

We played two games of rugby and against two strong teams. The first game was against Horsham. The guys started off with some good tackling and great defence work but Horsham were able to score 3 tries in the first half. In the second half the guys came back with some fire in there belly and their defence was much improved. Horsham managed to score a 4th try. Which gave our guys a bit more fire. With some great passing along a moving line out to the wing and an amazing run and weaving from Sean Shepherd resulted in our try just before the final whistle. Final score Horsham 4 v Shoreham 1


The second game was against Brighton. This was a much harder match as they were a strong team. The boys came out in the first half a little bit lethargic and managed to concede 4 tries. The coach gave the boys a pep talk and they came out a bit more fierce. There was some great rugby played and some great tackling. Brighton still playing well and managed to score a further 3 tries. Final score Brighton 7 v Shoreham 0


The guys played some great rugby today but just couldn’t get those tries in.

U12 v Hastings/Maidstone 25th Jan 2015

Shoreham U12 HastingsWhat a great welcome we got from Hastings. They also had Maidstone visiting to. So a great mini festival. The Hastings coach took the training session. Did a few warm up exercises and then got all teams playing a couple of games of bulldog. Some great tackling was seen and some muddy kids, but they all enjoyed it which is the main thing.

So we then went into some games.

First game was Shoreham v Hastings. This was a very exciting match. The guys seemed to have fire in their bellies today. They came onto the pitch eager to play. With Hastings taking the first kick, shoreham guys caught the ball and started running with it. With same great tackling and some good passes Rudy Heasman scored the first try of the match. Some more great rugby being played. Hastings got the ball to their end but fumbled it on the line and shoreham touched the ball down. With another great kick and some great tackling Rudy Heasman scored a second try just before the half time whistle. Half time score Shoreham 2 v Hastings 0.

The second half was full of more great rugby and another fumble on the try line from Hastings. Shoreham winning a few scrums and keeping there defence up and preventing Hastings from scoring. The final score SHOREHAM 2 V Hastings 0.

The guys first win. Yippee.

Went into our second game against Maidstone. These were a stronger team with a few bigger guys. The Maidstone guys had a couple of good runnings and managed to score 2 tries. This made our guys wake up again and really started some great tackling. The scrums were great but Maidstone won most of these. Cameron Mander saw and took his opportunity with some great tackling and a good catch and scored a try. Maidstone came back fighting and scored a futher 2 tries. Half time score Shoreham 1 v Maidstone 4

The second half was full of more great tackling and a great run from Rudy Heasman scoring our second try of the match. Some more grwat rugby with some turning over of the ball and some more scrums, but Maidstone scored a final try. Final score Shoreham 2 v Maidstone 5.

Our final game was against Hastings. This was only a short game just to use up the last bit of time. Hastings started off with some good passing but Shoreham guys managed to win the ball and Ray Carter did a great run and scored the first try of the match. With some more amazing rugby Rudy Heasman managed to win the ball and score a further try. Hastings were putting up a great fight but Shoreham guys just seemed to be on fire. The final try was scored by hasting in the last minute. Final score SHOREHAM 2 V Hastings 1.

The shoreham guys should be so proud of there play today. There was some amazing rugby being played. They took a few knocks along the way but they played on.


U12 v Horsham/Pulborough 11th Jan 2015

We started with our first match against Pulborough A side. This was a tough match but our guys held their own and made some great tackling. Pulborough managed to score 7 tries throughout the game but Shoreham guys really played well and some great defence.

The second  game was against Pulborough B side. This was a really exciting match, Shoreham guys really played some amazing rugby. They came to this game with some great fire in their bellies. They started the game with some great defence and a great run and good team play, Harvey Norris scored the first try of the game for Shoreham.

Then Pulborough B followed with a try further two tries. Then just before half time whistle Rudy Heasman caught a great pass and made a great run and scored our second try of the match. Half time score Shoreham 2 v Pulborough B 2. Then second half started with some great defence but unfortunately the guys let 2 more tries pass them by. Shoreham came back with some more great rugby and great pass and some good team work. Cameron Mander managed to score our third try with Pulborough B making a great tackle but he managed to get the try over the line.

Pulborough B managed to squeeze a final try in before the final whistle. Final score Shoreham 3 v Pulborough B 5.

Some really great rugby was played today. What a great second match. All the players played really well and as a great team. Well done guys you should be very proud of your game play today.


U12 v Heathfield 7th December 2014

So we started the day with some great warm up exercises and then went into some skill work. Mixing the teams which always makes for a great start. The guys went into a game. Heathfield  didn’t have enough players so we lent them 3 of our players.

Heathfield start the play and with some great passing and some good running and scoring a try.

The play continued with some more tackling from the Shoreham guys. Our guys continued with some good play and some great runs but just couldn’t get the tries in. Heathfield continue scoring a few more tries.

Our guys won some great scrum and a lot of good tackling. Ray Carter scored a tried with some good team work from fellow players. All the guys played really well today. Some great rugby was played today. Well done to all that played today.

U12 v Bognor 23rd November 2014

Think the weather was definitely not on our side today. There was some great tackling which prevented a few tries. Which was good to see.

They won a few scrums but just couldn’t keep the ball and score the tries. There was also some good passing but just no tries for our boys. Bognor managed to score 6 tries.


Well done to the boys today they played well under such horrid weather conditions. It was cold and wet.

U12’s Hastings Festival 12th October 2014

20141012_135959What a great day we had at the Hastings festival today. It was so lovely to see so many of you there. A full squad and 2 subs, that’s a great start to the session. The players were Felix Mason, Lana Wilks, Harvey Norris, Zac Snelling, Jamie-Luca Colbeck, Aaron Bamford, Daniel Hook, Daniel Norris, AJ Holmes, Rudy Heasman, Michael Gray, Leanor Tilling, Cameron Mander and Nathan Funnell.

We were divided into 2 pools today and we played against Lewes, Heathfield and Hastings & Bexhill. Then at the end a play off for 1st and 2nd and then 3rd and 4th.

So we started the day off playing against Lewes. They are a strong team. We struggled to get into the rugby frame of mind but once we were in the flow some really great rugby was played. Some good tackling and passing but unfortunately Lewes managed to score 7 tries throughout the game. The guys played really well but just couldn’t concede a try.

Our second game was again Heathfield.  Another strong team but our guys went out there and played some more really great rugby.  There was a lot of great tackling and great scrums but just couldnt keep that ball down our end. So unfortunately Heathfield were able to concede 9 tries.

Our last game of the pool was against Hastings & Bexhill. They had to borrow a couple of players from Hove. We again played areally good game of rugby. We kept on top of the opposition and made a good few attempts of turnover of the ball but just couldnt get the tries in. The guys were tackling hard and winning scrums but just no tries for there hard work. Hastings and Bexhill managed to score 6 tries. What a shame the score doesn’t reflect the game. 20141012_135956

We then had to play for 3rd/4th place. We were up against Hastings and Bexhill.  Our guys came out with some much needed aggression and there was lots of tackling and some good runs. The first half saw H&B score 3 tries. The second half was more of the same. Great rugby was being played and Zac Snelling made a great catch and pushed his way through the wall and scored a try. Followed by 2 further tries from Hastings and Bexhill.  Final score Hastings & Bexhill 5 v Shoreham 1.

U12 Bognor Festival 12th April 2014

DSC_0378Shoreham U12’s were again at the Bognor Festival to try to retain their Winners Trophy won last year.

Four teams entered this season with hosts Bognor, Shoreham, Tetbury (Gloucester) and Reading Abbey (recent winners of the Berkshire Landrover Cup)

Reading Abbey 0 Shoreham 0 DSC_0181

Shoreham were the dominant team throughout the game but could not get the scores to secure the win even with 3 times crossing the Berkshire clubs line. but the defending team just managed to get a hand between the ball and the ground to save the try.

Bognor 0 Shoreham 6

Disappointed at not starting with a victory Shoreham made no mistake in the game against the hosts with powerful and pressurising rugby, winning almost every physical confrontation. DSC_0020

Tetbury 0 Shoreham 6

DSC_0029Shoreham took to the pitch for the last game knowing a high scoring victory would be enough to win the competition. With a measure of confidence and maturity the Shoreham team imposed their game on the opposition and were 4 – 0 to the good at half time and like lions in for the kill finished the opposition with 2 more tries immediately after half time to win and retain the Bognor Festival Trophy without conceding a try throughout.

U12 Sussex Festival 16th March 2014

SHoreham U12 - East Sussex 2Shoreham U12’s came away for the East Sussex Festival with their heads high and another trophy secured for this season

The weather was perfect for the pool games with Shoreham drawn against Uckfield, Brighton and Heathfield

Uckield 0 Shoreham 6

Shoreham roared to victory in their opening game with a powerful performance

Brighton 0 Shoreham 1

In a very tough second game quite evenly matched Shoreham eventually made their strength count with a superbly taken try late into the game

Heathfield 4 Shoreham 0

With a semi-final place secure Shoreham took advantage of changing around their team to conserve energy and give other players the opportunity to shine.

A gallant effort from Shoreham with the result not affecting the progression of ShorehamShoreham U12 - East Sussex 1


Semi Final – Eastbourne 3 Shoreham 0

These 2 teams were evenly matched during the game but 3 unfortunate errors, 2 charged down clearance kicks and a awkwardly bouncing ball kicked from deep in Eastbourne half meant Shoreham were denied a place in the Cup Final


Bowl Final – East Grinstead 2 Shoreham 3

This game at the end of a very tiring but enjoyable day was played at a furious pace but Shoreham’s desire, power and commitment was in abundance and they were not going to be beaten coming out worthy and deserved winners of the Bowl Trophy

This performance from Shoreham will mean that next year they will play in the U13 Sussex Premier League competition a fantastic achievement for the side and club.

U12 v Crawley 2nd March 2014

U12 Crawley 2Crawley 0 Shoreham 6

On a water soaked pitch the Shoreham U12’s took on Crawley’s U12’s.

Shoreham were too strong for their hosts with power running, fierce tackling and skilful ball handling clearly the difference. U12 Crawley 1

After ensuring they had scored enough tries Shoreham took the opportunity to practice some new set moves against alternate opposition in readiness for the Sussex Festival on 16th March.

U12 H Cup 23rd February 2014

U 12 H Cup Shoreham U12’s were last minute entrants into the H Cup competition at Hove, so called as all teams come from towns starting with an H.

Hayward’s Heath, Heathfield, Horsham, hosts Hove and Shore HAM

Hayward’s Heath 2 Shoreham 0

Shoreham started too slowly and suffered the consequences going down 2 – 0 at half time. Second half Shoreham woke up and got their rhythm going and despite not scoring were the stronger side in the second half

Hove 2 Shoreham 3U12 H Cup 1

Shoreham showed no mercy to the hosts and were full of power and pace with 3 superb tries breaking tackles and charging to the try line.

Horsham 0 Shoreham 1

Horsham had previously beaten Hove 6-0 in their first game and so Shoreham knew they needed a performance.

With a mix of great pressure tackling, positional kicking and solid team support play Shoreham did not let Horsham get into their stride and took advantage with a great try to secure the win.

U12 H Cup 2Heathfield 3 Shoreham 3

This was a fantastic game of Rugby between two committed sides. Shoreham took control of the game with 2 brilliant tries but let themselves down with a phase of play where they forgot how to tackle resulting in Heathfield drawing the game at half time 2 – 2. Shoreham started the second half full of passion and soon took the lead again. In the last phase of play Heathfield went over in the corner to deny Shoreham a winning end to the tournament.

Shoreham deservedly finished in second place of the 5 teams