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U9 v Bognor 1st December 2013

CUsersHilaryAppDataLocalTempmsohtmlclip101clip_image006Our team consisted of Jake Gale, Luke Gray, Ashley Calvert, Jack Salter, James Masters, Toby Murphy, Charlie Kembery, Etienne Freschard-Penny and Ollie Bushby.

We played two matches against Bognor:

Bognor 2 : Shoreham 2

This was an exciting and closely fought match testing your team work and putting your newly learnt tackling skills into practice. Both tries coming from Luke.clip_image002

Bognor 4 : Shoreham 3

Bognor got off to a strong start scoring two tries in the first half, but Shoreham came out fighting in the second half with a period of excellent play enabling Jake to score once and Luke to score twice.
I was really impressed with how well you all played today, these were tough matches and you never gave up, you played together showing gutsy determination and pride in what you were doing. Jake and Luke only scored because of the hard work, tackling, passing and support you gave them so keep up the good work.


U9 v Hove 17th November 2013

Hove - 17 November 2013 009Our team consisted of Jake Gale, Luke Gray, Ashley Calvert, Travis Tilling, Jack Salter, James Masters, Toby Murphy, Charlie Kembery and Ollie Bushby.

Hove First 5 : Shoreham 3
This was an exciting match with some great team work and support play. You certainly put into practice the tackling skills you’d learnt earlier. Tries coming from Jake, Charlie and James – well done James your first for Shoreham.

Hove Second 2 : Shoreham 3Hove - 17 November 2013 021
This game had Luke and Toby playing with Hove to even up the numbers. It was an exciting first half with Luke scoring for Hove and James scoring for us. Unfortunately James hurt himself and Luke swapped back in to play for Shoreham. Tries coming from Charlie and Luke – that’s clever Luke scoring for both teams in the same match!


Hove - 17 November 2013 003Hove Third 5 : Shoreham 2
This was the last game and both sides were looking a little tired but you kept fighting and gave it your all, Hove just managed to find the try line. All tries coming from Jake.

U9 Crowborough Festival 3rd November 2013

clip_image010Heathfield 2 : Shoreham 6
This was an exciting match with some great team work which enabled Charlie to score his first try, Luke to score twice and Jake to get a hat-trick. Well done Charlie in only your second festival.

Hastings & Bexhill 9 : Shoreham 3
This was a hard fought battle with the score not reflecting just how hard you played. There was some great defending and support play. Our tries all coming from Jake.

Crowborough 3 : Shoreham 9
This was a great match and showed how well you work together as a team. You completely overwhelmed Crowborough with a stunning performance enabling Jake to score 1, Charlie to score 2 and Luke to score 6.clip_image004

Hove 8 : Shoreham 3
This was always going to be a tough match. Hove is a huge club with a fierce reputation. You played really well supporting each other and defending well allowing Luke to score 1 and Jake to score 2.

clip_image006Tunbridge Wells 5 : Shoreham 5
This was a thrilling and closely fought match – my heart was pounding! As this was the last match of the day and all the other age groups had finished, some came to cheer you on which was lovely to see and added to the excitement. This match was also the decider to see who took 3rd place. As this match finished in a draw it was down to who had scored the most tries during the day and as we had, we won 3rd place. Tries coming from Jake scoring 2 and Luke scoring 3.

Our team consisted of Jake Gale, Luke Gray, Ashley Calvert, Travis Tilling, Jack Salter, Etienne Freschard-Penny, Toby Murphy, Charlie Kembery and Ollie Bushby.clip_image008

U9 Hastings Festival 6th October 2013

Hastings Festival - 6 October 2013 Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to you all for travelling all the way to Hastings, which I appreciate was a bit of a trek, but hope you all agree it was worth it especially on such a gloriously sunny day – I don’t think I’ve been sunburnt in October before!

Our squad today consisted of: Ashley Calvert, Travis Tilling, Luke Gray, Jake Gale, Charlie, Kembery, Ollie Bushby, Etienne Freschard-Penny, Toby Murphy and Jack Salter.

We were in a group with Hastings & Bexhill, Warlingham, Heathfield and Lewes.  We played Lewes last season and knew this would be a hard fought game but not having played the other three teams before, this made for an interesting day’s rugby.

Hastings & Bexhill  4  :  Shoreham  3
This was an exciting match with great play on both side.  Hastings & Bexhill defended well but Shoreham came out fighting with tries from Jake, Luke and Etienne.

Warlingham  4  :  Shoreham  2
This was an enjoyable match and showed how well you are beginning to work as a team and support each other.  Tries coming from Luke and Travis (I feel it only fair to say “well done” to Travis in his first ever rugby match).

Heathfield  1  :  Shoreham  4
This was a great match.  You kept up the pressure and pushing forward and not letting up, this enabled Luke to score and Jake to get a hat-trick!

Lewes  3  :  Shoreham  1
The score really doesn’t reflect just how hard you worked in this match.  Lewes are a big club with lots of players to choose from and you did really, really well defending and not giving up allowing Ashley to score a try.

3rd Place Final  –  Shoreham  4  :  Warlingham  4
This was a thoroughly exciting match, real end to end stuff.  As Warlingham had already beaten us by 2 tries earlier in the day Gary didn’t let you dwell on this describing it as “doable”.  You all played so well allowing Jake and Luke to score one each and Etienne to score twice.  According to the festival rules, if a final ends in a draw the result will be decided on the toss of a coin – neither I nor John (Etienne’s dad) could watch this – good call Gary!  You should all feel very proud of yourselves and you thoroughly deserve the title of 3rd place winners of the Hastings Festival.  Well done one and all.