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U11’s Hastings Festival 12th October 2014

DSC_0583_2The first match of the season is always interesting. Add in new rules and the fact you have five at a festival and it can be a very interesting day.

After last season’s step up it was time to see whether the boys were going to keep progressing to be among the best teams in the county.  In truth if they are going to be one of the best they should be turning up and winning on a day like this.

After scoring 23 tries and conceding only 4, winning five matches and collecting the silverware I think it is safe to say this team are determined not to let last season’s advances go to waste.  DSC_0407_2

It didn’t look like that after two minutes. Letting Eastbourne B run in an easy try from their first play was slack and not the sign of a team looking to be one of the big boys.  At the end of the game Shoreham had turned it round to win 5-1. Hove B were up next and were dismissed 6-0.

DSC_0640The days biggest test would be Hellingly and they put Shoreham under huge pressure at the opening of the match. Shoreham protected their line with controlled aggression and slowly turned the match around. Spreading play to find space paid dividends and Shoreham ran out deserved 4-0 winners.

Having qualified for the final the match against Hastings and Bexhill saw Shoreham try some different tactics but their strength was still too much and it ended 5-2. DSC_0886

The final was against Hellingly, who were strong and again put Shoreham under pressure. The strength of Shoreham’s defence was very pleasing in this match and will stand the boys in good stead for the rest of the season. It ended 3-1 and Shoreham were the deserved winners of the first DSC_0529_2silverware of the season

U11 Uckfield Festival 27th April 2014

100_7983What a great day we had at the Uckfield festival. Even the weather was kind to us.

So we played a league set up and played 5 games of rugby against some very strong teams. They were Uckfield,  Haywards Heath, Crowborough, Lewes and Hastings.

The guys started the day by playing Haywards Heath. This was a game full of action and lots of tackling but just the score doesn’t show it. Shoreham 0 Haywards Heath 7

There second game was against Uckfield. The guys played this game with far more DSC_0273aggression and lots of tackling. A much more enjoyable game to watch. Some great lineouts and winning if scrums. Cameron Mander did manage to score a try but what a great try it was, with a good run of half the pitch. Shoreham 1 Uckfield 5

DSC_0306The last three games weren’t the best games. The guys had some very hard teams to play. Unfortunately we had a couple of bad head injuries to add to this mix as well.  So these game were being played by only 11 men. There was still some good tackles and scrums. So final scores on the doors were

Shoreham 0 Crowborough 5

Shoreham 0 Lewes 6. The ref called this game at 6-0.

Shoreham 0 Hastings 7

The guys all seemed to have had a really good day.

U11 Bognor Festival 12th April 2014

Shoreham U11What a great day we had at Bognor. Always a great welcome and made to feel at home.

So we had a good turn out. Unfortunately we had to borrow a few young lads as we were a player short. So there were many volunteers from both Bognor and Warlingham that did rolling help. So thank you too all of those boys.

There was only 4 teams in the under 11’s as Worthing pulled out at the last minute. So we played Brighton,  Warlingham and Bognor.  Some very strong teams unfortunately.

Our first game was against Warlingham. The guy’s went out and gave there all. The were up against some very big lads and we just struggled a bit. There was some good defending and some good tackles but just not enough to come back from 10 -0 down. Great game to watch.

We then went up against Brighton.  Yet again another very strong team. They were fast and strong. The guys did manage to win some scrums but just could get any tries in. Again losng 9-0. Another good match.

Our last game of the morning was against Bognor.  What a great side they are. Always cheering us on and some great sportsmanship. This was a much more evenly matched team. There was some really great rugby out there on this pitch. With Bognor going into the lead with there first try but Shoreham coming back with try. Some really good team work and some great passing and rucking. Bognor managed to sneak another trying just before half time whistle. Shoreham 1 Bognor 2

Second half was still full of promise with Bognor scoring the newt two tries but there was some great defending and rucks. The guys even had some very strong scrums. Then Jamie-Luca Colbeck should some great support and scored just before the final whistle. What an amazing match this was. They definitely save there nest till last. Final score Shoreham 2 Bognor 4.

U11 Sussex Festival 16th March 2014

What a lovely day we had for our festival today. It was so lovely the sun was out and some red faces by the end of the day. It was so good to see so many of you there today.

We were split into two pools and we played Crowborough, Heathfield and Lewes.

We were up against some very strong teams with quite a few under12’s playing down. So our team were up against it really. They went out with their heads held high and played some good rugby. There was some really great tackling and some good defence.

The team just found it so hard to get past the defence. We had some really strong scrums and won quite a few but they just couldn’t get tries in. So unfortunately the scores weren’t great.


Shoreham v Lewes 0-8

Shoreham v Heathfield 0-8

Shoreham v Crowborough 0 -7


They all played well and never gave up. So well done guys

U11 v Burgess Hill & Heathfield 9th March 2014

So we played two matches today.

The first against Heathfield. The guys didnt seem to have their heads in the game today. They let 2 very easy tries in with Heathfield running straight through our defensive line.

The play continued with a few good tackles. Heathfield managed to score again before half time whistle. The second half was much the same. Our guys had started tackling more and there was some good play but unfortunately Heathfield managed to score a further 3 tries in the second half.

Final score Heathfield 6 shoreham 0.


Our second game was against Burgess Hill.

Shoreham side had come out with a bit of confidence. The game got started with Burgess Hill scoring the first 2 tries. Shoreham came back fighting with some good passages of play and Nathan Funnell score our first try of the day.

Burgess Hill followed suit just before the half time whistle. The second half the guys got a little more involved with some good scrum work but just couldnt get the tries in.

Burgess Hill then scored

U11 v Crawley 2nd March 2014

DSC_0257_2We had a warm welcome from Crawley today. It was a very muddy wet pitch. I think they found us the wettest pitch there, the guys thoroughly enjoyed it though.

The Crawley coach took the training session and did lots of drills with all the guys and some fitness training. They then went into lots of little games. Unfortunately Crawley didn’t have enough players so we lent them 3 players.


The first game was full of action with Crawley scoring the first two tries and one of which was Cameron Mander one of our players. There was a bit of tackling and some really good play. Shoreham’s William Calvert and Zac Snelling then went on to score two more tires. The game started to pick up a bit of pace and Crawley followed with 3 more great tries. Final Score Crawley 5 – Shoreham 2


The second game –  All players had started to wake up and was full of action. Crawley started off the tries. Shoreham have really got more confident with their tackling and they were charging at players and turning over the ball. Zac Snelling scored the first try for Shoreham, with some more great defence Cameron Mander scored again for Crawley. Zac Snelling came from the centre pass with a great tackle and charged the defensive wall and scored again for Shoreham. Some more great defensive work and a turn over of the ball Felix Mason scored again for Shoreham. I have never seen rugby like it. Cameron Mander then managed to score the equalizer for Crawley. Final Score Shoreham 3 – Crawley 3DSC_0261_2


The final game. All the guys came out with more power and determination to win. There was some amazing tackles and rucks. Crawley scored the first try with Shoreham coming back and scoring the next three by Felix Mason. The boys were all on fire. Crawley then managed to score the next two. But William Calvert managed to score another try for Shoreham. Unfortunately Crawley managed to get through our defensive line and scored another 2 tries, leaving the final score Shoreham 3 – Crawley 4.


DSC_0287_2All the guys should be so proud of their play today. I have never seen the determination on their faces like I saw today. They had fire in their bellies and some amazing tackling and their defence was amazing. Let’s keep up the good work and I want to see more of this.

U11 v Bognor 1st December 2013

DSCN0407We were up against a great strong team that are top of the league today.

The games were all great and full of excitement. Shoreham were playing really well today. There was some great action with lots of defence and tackling. There was some really great tackles out there today against some big lads too. Our scrum was really strong today too. Just so unfortunate that the boys couldn’t get a try in against Bognor.

They played their little hearts out today and should be so proud of how far they have come. Well done under 11’s team.DSCN0406

U11 v Hastings & Burgess Hill 24th November 2013

What a great day we had today training with Hastings and Bexhill and Burgess hill. We had a good team training session, with lots of great exercises and training skills. All teams split up and played lots of different games.

We started by a game against Burgess Hill.
Shoreham started off really well with some good defending and good team work but Burgess Hill managed to get 3 tries past our defensive line. We continued off in the same way with some good scrums and lineouts but Burgess Hill still managed to get another 3 tries in before Shoreham managed to break their defensive line and with some great team work Cameron Mander scored a try. Final Score Shoreham 1 – Burgess Hill 6.

We then went into a game against Hastings and Bexhill.
This game was really full of action. Hasting/Bexhill were a great team and Shoreham really did hold their heads up and played a great match. Shoreham manage some great defence in this game, even managed to get under the ball to not allow them to score a try. Shoreham’s great team work and defence enabled them to go into the second half on a 0-0 draw. With a couple of changes to the team we went into the second half on a high. Hastings/Bexhill did manage to score a try. Shoreham should be so proud of their play today and some great team work. Final Score Shoreham 0 – Hastings/Bexhill 1. what a great score this is.

Well played to Shoreham Under 11’s today. They have improved so much they should be so proud of themselves.

U11 Crowborough Festival 3rd November 2013

Shoreham U11 - Crow Fest 2What a great day we had at Crowborough festival.  The weather was kind to us just a little cold.


We were split into two pools. So we played Eastbourne 5-0, Cranbrook 3-1,  Pulborough 5-0 and Tonbridge 7-0.


We were up against some very strong teams. Unfortunately we didn’t have any an subs today so all the boys played every game.  Cameron Mander, Nathan Funnell, Felix Mason, Ioan Griffiths, William Calvert, Jamie-Luca Colbeck, Daniel Norris, William Bushby, Michael Gray, AJ Holmes, Zak Snelling and Cameron Kinross.

Shoreham U11 - Crow Fest

All the boys played really well today with some great tackling, defending and some great scrums. The boys should be very proud of their play today they played some great rugby but unfortunately the scores didn’t show how well they played. With some great team work Jamie-Luca Colbeck scored his first try of the season. Well done to everyone who played today.

U11 Hastings Festival 6th October 2013

Shoreham U11We were drawn in the A pool which meant we had to play Hastings and Bexhill, Hove B, Eastbourne and Crowborough B.

Hastings and Bexhill v Shoreham
This was Shoreham’s first match and they were all very eager and enthusiastic. They went out raring to go. They took the first kick of the match. With lots of defending and turning over of the ball, Hastings and Bexhill managed to gain a 2 try lead. Shoreham then got a bit of determination and with some good team work William Calvert managed to snatch the ball and score our first try before the half time whistle. H/T score Hastings & Bexhill 2 Shoreham 1.
The second half saw lots more action and Hastings & Bexhill took a further lead with 3 more tries. Shoreham played their little hearts out and continued to defend the ball. F/T score Hastings & Bexhill 5 Shoreham 1.

Crowborough V Shoreham
Our second match of the day. Shoreham still having lots of energy and with a try under their belt they had renewed vigour. So went out and kept Crowborough fighting for the ball with lots more defending and great team work. Crowborough did manage to gain a 2 try lead before the half time whistle. H/T score Crowborough 2 Shoreham 0. Shoreham came out in the second half with lots of determination to score a try. Crowborough managed to go one more try ahead, but Shoreham came back and with some amazing defending and some great runs from a few of the players Zac Snelling managed to score our 2 try of the day. F/T score Crowborough 3 Shoreham 1.

Hove B V Shoreham
Shoreham still having a fight to give but now up against some stronger teams were struggling a little to keep the enthusiasm up. Unfortunately we had no subs so all players were playing all the games and were now starting to get a little tired. Hove had some very large players and some fast little runners and managed to take a 4 try lead. Shoreham were putting up a good fight with lots of defending and turning over of the ball. H/T score Hove B 4 Shoreham 0. The second half Shoreham came out with a good fight some good runs and defending still couldn’t quite manage a try. Hove took the further 3 try lead. Shoreham were giving Hove a good run. F/T score Hove 7 Shoreham 0.

Eastbourne V Shoreham
Shoreham were up against another very strong team. They were all starting to show signs of being quite tired now. They still went out and gave their all. With some great defending and good team work. They had some good scrums but were just not able to get the tries down our end. Eastbourne were just managing to get past us and scoring some good tries.

Shoreham Under 11’s have started the season off so well with 2 tries in their first matches. Well done guys you all played really well today and should be proud of your achievements. Hoping this is the start of a great season.

Team today – AJ Holmes, Cameron Mander, Daniel Norris, Ioan Griffiths, William Bushby, Daniel Hook, Nathan Funnell, Zac Snelling, Jamie-Luca Colbeck, Michael Gray, Lana Wilks, William Calvert and Edward Thompson.