U10 Haywards Heath Festival 15th Feb 2015

Shoreham U10 HHThe boys had 5 games of some very good rugby they played with some fantastic tackling and runs , there determination was outstanding , but due to only having 9 players there games were pretty much one after the other. so had little rest in between.

Game 1 ended in Brighton 2-0 ,

Game 2 Heathfield Noah had our first try in first half in 2nd half Luke got our 2nd try resulting in Shoreham 2- 0

Game 3 Heath Blacks much the same good tackles and runs by all the boys Jake Gale got his try All the boys played fantastic Heath Blacks 4-1

Game 4 Heath Reds quickly followed after a 5 min break but the boys settled in to some great tackles and runs but ended in Heath Reds 4-0

Game 5 Hove followed shortly after a quick break , with a try from Jake Gale followed by a try from Charlie Kembery Hove 4-2

All the boys played well with some fantastic defence , tackling , and some great runs from all the boys . there outstanding rugby and behaviour made us proud to watch .

Coaches Gary Gray and Paul Murphy without these would not be possible and for the parents who turn up week after week to make our team happen.
Team Jake Gale, Ashley Culvert, Ollie Bushby, Toby Murphy, Luke Gray Charlie Kembery, Travis Tilling ,Thomas Rowson Noah Smith