U12 v Hastings/Maidstone 25th Jan 2015

Shoreham U12 HastingsWhat a great welcome we got from Hastings. They also had Maidstone visiting to. So a great mini festival. The Hastings coach took the training session. Did a few warm up exercises and then got all teams playing a couple of games of bulldog. Some great tackling was seen and some muddy kids, but they all enjoyed it which is the main thing.

So we then went into some games.

First game was Shoreham v Hastings. This was a very exciting match. The guys seemed to have fire in their bellies today. They came onto the pitch eager to play. With Hastings taking the first kick, shoreham guys caught the ball and started running with it. With same great tackling and some good passes Rudy Heasman scored the first try of the match. Some more great rugby being played. Hastings got the ball to their end but fumbled it on the line and shoreham touched the ball down. With another great kick and some great tackling Rudy Heasman scored a second try just before the half time whistle. Half time score Shoreham 2 v Hastings 0.

The second half was full of more great rugby and another fumble on the try line from Hastings. Shoreham winning a few scrums and keeping there defence up and preventing Hastings from scoring. The final score SHOREHAM 2 V Hastings 0.

The guys first win. Yippee.

Went into our second game against Maidstone. These were a stronger team with a few bigger guys. The Maidstone guys had a couple of good runnings and managed to score 2 tries. This made our guys wake up again and really started some great tackling. The scrums were great but Maidstone won most of these. Cameron Mander saw and took his opportunity with some great tackling and a good catch and scored a try. Maidstone came back fighting and scored a futher 2 tries. Half time score Shoreham 1 v Maidstone 4

The second half was full of more great tackling and a great run from Rudy Heasman scoring our second try of the match. Some more grwat rugby with some turning over of the ball and some more scrums, but Maidstone scored a final try. Final score Shoreham 2 v Maidstone 5.

Our final game was against Hastings. This was only a short game just to use up the last bit of time. Hastings started off with some good passing but Shoreham guys managed to win the ball and Ray Carter did a great run and scored the first try of the match. With some more amazing rugby Rudy Heasman managed to win the ball and score a further try. Hastings were putting up a great fight but Shoreham guys just seemed to be on fire. The final try was scored by hasting in the last minute. Final score SHOREHAM 2 V Hastings 1.

The shoreham guys should be so proud of there play today. There was some amazing rugby being played. They took a few knocks along the way but they played on.