U9 v Horsham/Pulborough 11th Jan 2015

Shoreham Under 9’s learned a great deal from their visit to Horsham.

Split into two equally balanced teams Shoreham played a total of 7 games against their hosts, Horsham and the other visiting side Pulborough. In all Shoreham’s two teams won 3 lost 3 and drew one.

Although their losses, all against a very strong Horsham squad were small ( 3-1, 3-2 and 4-3) the under 9’s can take much credit from their individual performances.

SHoreham U9 HorshamShoreham’s coaches were given the opportunity to see their side really tested for only the second time this season and with work on playing more as a team and less as individuals are confident that Shoreham can compete with the counties very best sides.