U10 v Bognor 23rd November 2014

It was wet and muddy ! But that didn’t stop us the Coaches quickly decided let’s get straight into a couple of games !

1st game .Luke had a great run and our first try , quickly followed by another great run and a try from jake , the boys had some great tackling , but at times if he had any gary would have pulled his hair out , how many of you forgot to put your gum shields in , please boys this is important part of the game . And you must remember your gum shields !! We had some great play from our new boy Samuel , second half was equally as good and some good play from all the boys resulting in a 2-0 win to Shoreham

2nd game
Boys started off playing well but were very wet and cold , coaches continue to push and encourage the boys we saw some great runs and scrums ,Charlie had a great run and bulldozed through quite a few Bognor boys but got pulled down inches from touch line , we had some great tackling in all 3 games and the boys quickly sorted out who was taking the scrums , ok I don’t get the scrum side of it so I asked a parent ( he couldn’t tell me why either so we will leave that one there ) but all the boys tried hard , but at times seemed to lose all that training they have been doing. 0-0

The boys were asked if they wanted a third game, yes!! They said , so the brave ones went back on wet cold but determined ! Luke had another good run and a try , some more great play by all the boys , then out of nowhere thomas got the ball and ran for his life getting his first try for the club , all in all the boys played and enjoyed there games , we saw some good play and well done to you all Noah,Ettiene,Ashley, Jake,Luke,James,Travis,Toby,Oliver,Samuel,Thomas,Charlie 2-0 win to Shoreham.
Once again thanks to your coaches Gary,Paul and Ryan , and your parents for supporting you all.