U13’s v Chichester

Shoreham U13 v Chi 1Chichester 28 Shoreham 0

Shoreham suffered a defeat in their first Sussex League game at Chichester.

Chichester have a long history of developing strong teams and are one of the South East premier Rugby Clubs.

A powerful start from the hosts put Shoreham immediately under pressure and whilst the defence of Shoreham was committed it was breached early on.Shoreham U13 v Chi 2

Shoreham established a foothold in the game following this try and matched Chichester up to half time.

Chichester recognising Shoreham’s growing confidence in the first half, started the second, in the same way they did the first and broke through to again score early.

Shoreham U13 v Chi 3

A couple more tries with conversions helped the home side to victory, but Shoreham’s commitment and pride saw them still contesting every ball until the final whistle.Shoreham U13 v Chi 4

Shoreham are at home to Heathfield on Sunday 30th November at Buckingham Park Kick Off 11.30