U7 Uckfield Festival 27th April 2014

GroupA very well run festival which ran to time in perfect Rugby weather conditions. A strong showing from Shoreham with 2 teams of 5 players.

The festival was noted for time keeping aided by each group team playing on the same pitch and a marshal posted at each of the pitches throughout the day – a big thanks to Uckfield.





Team 1U7s5

Coach – Gareth
Charlotte Gray
Finn McDonald
Henry Horton
Rory Slack

Match Scores

Shoreham 7 Vs Crawley 4

Shoreham dominated the first half with excellent team play and passing. Crawley came back in the 2nd half thankfully held off with strong defending from Charlotte and Lexus. Tries from Rory (3) and Henry (4).

Hastings 7 Vs Shoreham 11

Strong tries from Rory, Charlotte & Henry in the 2nd half

Uckfield 1 Vs Shoreham 9

The score says U7s3it all. Fast and furious play from all with notable passing from Finn, tagging from Lexus and strong support from Charlotte. Rory and Henry were unstoppable with the 9 tries between them.

Lewes 6 Vs Shoreham 4

We were stopped in the last match from progressing to the finals. It was a were close match with tries from Rory (3) and Henry (1)

Team TwoTeam2-2

Coach – Dan Edmonds
Charles Lockyer
Gaius Goodwin
Jamie Johnson
Regan Davis
Rufus Edmonds

Match Scores

Shoreham 7 Vs Crowborough 9

What an opener. High spirited game, fast paced, excellent passing end to end action. Tries from Regan (2), Jamie (2), Rufus (3).


Uckfield 9 Vs Shoreham 7

High energy game, end to end action. Shoreham tries were shared between Jamie (2), Rufus (3), Gaius (2). Notable defending from Jamie.

Hastings 8 Vs Shoreham 10Team2-5

Brilliant start with Jamie scoring 2 tries. Very close match. Excellent tagging from Charles. Jamie and Rufus led the try scoring with 4 each followed by Regan (1) and a magnificent try from Gaius whom bundled through the entire Hasting team to finish off this match.

Eastbourne 8 Vs Shoreham 9

An excellent finish to the group play with a very close match against Eastbourne. It was great to end the group showing as much drive, skill and determination as we started.