U7 Sussex Festival 16th March 2014

IMG_1587The Shoreham team consisted of two groups

Group One – Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis and Sebastien Freschard-Penny

Group Two – Gaius Goodwin, Jamie Johnson, Jack Brown, Rory Slack, Charles Lockyer, and Finn McdonaldIMG_1588





Group One: Brighton 8 : Shoreham 8

Group Two: Brighton 8 : Shoreham 8

Both groups got off to a superb start and held the fierce competition from Brighton until the whistle was blown. In Group One; Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Regan Davis, Henry Horton and Sebastien Freschard-Penny scooped 8 tries between them. In Group Two; Rory Slack, Finn McDonald, Jamie Johnson and Gaius Goodwin achieved 8 tries.


IMG_1589Group One: Heathfield & Waldron 10 : Shoreham 10

Group Two: Lewes 8 : Shoreham 6

In Group One Shoreham held their ground against Heathfiled for the duration of the game. Henry Horton, Rufus Edmonds, Regan Davis, Sebastien Freschard-Penny and Thomas Tiltman-Kent delivered 10 tries between them. In the second group Lewes were slightly stronger and achieved 8 tries to 6, notable tries from Finn Mcdonald and Rory Slack.


Group One: East Grinstead 7 : Shoreham 9

Group Two: East Grinstead 6 : Shoreham 5

In Group One, the game against East Grinstead was a fast paced with superb tries from Charlotte Gray, Henry Horton, Thomas Tiltman-Kent and Regan Davis. In Group Two Rory Slack, Jack Brown and Charles Lockyer delivered 5 tries between them


Group One: Crowborough 9: Shoreham 6IMG_1600

Group Two: Burgess Hill 7 : Shoreham 7


Group One: Uckbridge 5 : Shoreham 11

Group Two: Lewes 9 : Shoreham 7

Not quite sure how is ended but it was a great day and I suspect we were 4th and 5th but the confirmation was not received.