U7 v Bognor 1st December 2013

DSC_0602The Shoreham team consisted of Ollie Pattenden, Gaius Goodwin, Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Jamie Johnson, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis, Jack Brown, Sebastien Freschard-Penny and Rory Slack.

Bognor Regis 12 : Shoreham 14DSC_0625
Shoreham gave a strong performance in the first half with Charlotte Gray, Thomas Tiltman-Kent, Jamie Johnson and Regan Davis scoring 7 tries between them. Bognor continued to hold their position in the second half but Shoreham returned with Sebastien Freschard-Penny, Jamie Johnson and Thomas Tiltman-Kent with a further 7 tries before the whistle was blown and winning score of 14 to Shoreham

Bognor Regis 7 : Shoreham 12
DSC_0587Another captivating game with Shoreham providing a number of clear runs from Henry Horton and Rufus Edmonds in the first half. Ollie Pattenden, Roroy Slack and Gauis Goodman maintained our approach to consistent attacking by delivering a further 6 tries to conclude the match with a clear win against Bognor Regis.