U7 Crowborough Festival 3rd November 2013

Shoreham U7 - teamTunbridge Wells 7 : Shoreham 11
The first match of the festival kicked off with Henry Horton achieving 4 tries within a matter of minutes, further scores from Charlotte Gray and Thomas Kent concluded the first half. The second half saw a change in team with Rufus Edmonds and Regan Davis picking up 5 tries between them.

Hastings and Bexhill 5 : Shoreham 9
The first half saw challenges from Hasting and Bexhill, it wasn’t long before Shoreham made advances with Rufus Edmonds storming the pitch with 4 tries before half time. The second half continues with Henry Horton, Gaius Goodwin and Thomas Kent a further 5 tries before the whistle was blown.

Worthing 7: Shoreham 10Shoreham U7 - Henry Horton
3 early tries by Henry Horton set the scene for the first half, Charlotte Gray and Thomas Kent supported by adding a further 2 tries to the score by half time. The second half saw Worthing retaliate with 3 tries in succession, Shoreham held their position and achieved a further 5 tries from Regan Davis, Jamie Johnson, Regan Davis and Jack Brown

Hellingly 7 : Shoreham 9
Charlotte charged down the pitch to secure the first try. Henry returned with a further hatrick to finish the first half with 5 tries. The second half was harder but Shoreham held their position with 4 superb tries from Jamie Johnson and Rufus Edmonds.

Crowborough 4 : Shoreham 7
The final game of the festival for the U7 group. The match was a electric finish to fantastic team effort demonstrated in each and every game. Henry Horton, Thomas Kent and Charlotte Grey achieved 4 tries in the first half with Crowborough following closely behind us. The second half enabled Rufus Edmonds and Regan Davis to seal the 1st place in our age group with 3 tries between them.


Following on from their first place win at the Hasting festival Shoreham continue with their success by achieving their second 1st place trophy at Crowborough festival. The Shoreham team consisted of Gaius Goodwin, Charlotte Gray, Thomas Kent, Jamie Johnson, Rufus Edmonds, Henry Horton, Regan Davis and Jack Brown.