Bognor Festival 13th April 2013

Shoreham U11 with Winners Trophy


After finishing Runner’s Up in the East Sussex Festival a few weeks back Shoreham U11’s got back into competitive action at the Bognor Festival.

The Festival included 4 other teams Edenbridge, Bognor, Portsmouth and Old Colfeians from Lewisham.

All teams were to play each other on a League basis with top of the League winning and so the games got under way in wet conditions getting worse as again the rain came down.






Shoreham 3  Edenbridge 1

The Green and Gold of Shoreham were keen to make a mark in their first game and started off with their normal passion and power. Some good work in the forwards saw Shoreham score 2 good tries before Edenbridge came back into the game. Another try from Shoreham, this time with the ball being passed through 3 or 4 sets of hands before the score, saw the game closed out.


Shoreham 1 Portsmouth 0

This game proved a little more challenging, not helped by a prolonged injury delay during the game. Shoreham had taken an early lead with again some strong forward play and quick distribution from the back of the scrum saw the backs run in an important score. The rest of the game, up until the injury, was a tight affair with both defences playing strongly.

After the game restarted Shoreham controlled the final minutes to secure another win.


Shoreham 2 Old Colfeians 1

Both sides had won both their first fixtures so this was to be a key game.

Shoreham started strongly but conceded a try early on and were put onto the back foot. Without panic Shoreham settled back into their own game and continued to use the backs to run the ball.

Shoreham scored before half time to set up a great second half.

The second half did not disappoint with some tremendous play from both teams however Shoreham’s desire and power in their play eventually made the difference and a try in the corner was enough to make this win number 3.


Shoreham 5 Bognor 0

The team talk before the game was easy – Win this game and you win the Festival – Shoreham were, to a boy, determined to ensure that the opportunity to win their first tournament out right since being U7’s was not wasted.

The game was full of Shoreham power, strength, determination and  commitment. They were too strong for the Bognor team to get anywhere near and finished the Festival in style running in five tries to nil.


The Festival was ended with Shoreham winning all 4 games. The presentation of the Trophy was made to the Shoreham team amongst cheers of excitement and congratulations.

Well done Boys